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The Maighan Group is a Canadian company that represents and distributes renowned baby, children and maternity products and accessories in over 400 retailers across Canada and the United States.

Our customers can always count on exceptional customer service and superior products .


Natasha Maighan  Co-Founder, Maighan Group

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Our mission is simple: To identify and choose clothing lines, products and accessories that are practical, unique and of superior quality so that you can offer what is best to your customers. ”

Would you like to offer market tested superior products ​​to your customers?

At the Maighan Group we select our brands carefully to ensure that not only our retailers love them, but their customers too.

That is why we only represent brands and products that are unique and manufactured responsibly.

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1- Merchants and Retailers

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2- Manufacturers and Distributors

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3- Agents et Representatives

You feel like you have what it takes to represent the Maighan Group in your area? Please share your goals and experience with us.


Retailers and Merchants that we serve across North America.
Parents and children love and use our brands and products.
Products and accessories available through our retailers.


You are a retailer and are already a customer at Maighan Group? Excellent! You now have access to all catalogs , price lists , photos and product descriptions online.

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